Book Reviews

Here are a few books I'm reading or have recently finished. Click on the book cover to see the book on Amazon.

The Atlantis Gene - a quite auspicious first novel - had me hooked pretty quickly. Science, evolution, conspiracies, and history all combine to produce quite an engaging book. The premise is that the human race was on the brink of extinction at one point in the past for some unexplained reason, humans made a giant leap forward in the evolutionary ladder. They not survived, but took control of planet Earth. Present-day scientists Kate Warner and David Vale attempt to unravel the mystery of our evolution and are thrust into a cut-throat fight for survival.


Grade: A

The sequel to the Atlantis Gene isn't quite as captivating as the first book. It's merely (and I use that word quite tongue-in-cheek) a fast paced page-turner. Still, it's fascinating and a worthy successor to The Atlantis Gene.









Grade: B+

I admire writers who have the fortitude to self-publish. Authors with publishing contracts have a whole team of editors and marketing agents to help produce a great product. Many self-published books are entertaining and well written, but lack the polish provided by a publisher. Water All Around fits into that category. It's obvious the writer knows his material, but the characters aren't as fleshed-out as they could be and I found the ending to be somewhat abrupt and unsatisfying.


Grade: B-