The first book in the series follows Kevin, a lonely man who's still heartbroken over the death of his wife and child. As he sets up his survival bunker, a new neighbor moves in. Kevin is instantly attracted to her, but is reluctant to follow his heart.


In the meantime, news reports chronicle a new disease sweeping the world. Once it hits Ann Arbor, Kevin and Michelle must fight for their lives. Kevin lets Michelle move in (it's the only way she'll survive), and soon sparks fly between the two survivors. But zombies and mercenaries aren't the only things to worry about; keeping their own inner demons at bay is even more difficult!


"This is a really good book and has officially become a new favorite for me.'

"A not too serious, sexy look at finding love in a zombie filled world."

"Did not want to put it down!"

"The scary stuff is scary, the sexy stuff is sexy, and I ended up devouring the book!"



Now Available! Zombie Destruction, the third and final installment of Love in the Age of Zombies. Kevin and Michelle make a desperate voyage across Michigan, seeking medical help for their friend, Doc. In Doc's Jeep they dodge zombies and mercenaries, but north of Arcadia they abandon the Jeep and finish the journey by canoe across the cold water of Lake Michigan. The safe-haven of Frankfort welcomes the trio with open arms.

Frankfort has a working pub, a hospital, and a town council. They have limited electrical power, thanks to the generosity of Jake and Lee, a couple with a massive solar panel farm (and Lee has an exhibitionist streak!). Frankfort is a sanctuary for hard-working survivors, but also harbors  a secret, despicable evil with an appetite for human suffering. A new victim is already within reach.

When two scientists arrive, intent on finding a cure for the zombie plague, Frankfort provides them with the power and equipment they need to complete their research. But will they finish in time to prevent a new bite victim from turning?


"Very entertaining and fun to read!"



In the second book, Doc joins Kevin in Ann Arbor and helps Michelle as she deals with health issues. After hearing a radio broadcast from Frankfort, Michigan, Kevin decides to cross the state to discover whether Frankfort really has a working hospital.

Meanwhile, Doc and Michelle are being stalked by a disturbed man named Don, who has taken up residence in the nearby elementary school. He's determined to reveal the secret he believes she hides beneath her clothes.


"A mixture of humor, romance, and suspense."

"This book is even better than the first! Fast paced, intriguing, keeps you guessing. The scenes are set perfectly with his detailed descriptions. Once again the end came too soon. Can't wait for #3!"

"Really good sequel, doesn't disappoint."